Where You Begin

by The Gentleman Caller

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released February 14, 2011

All lyrics and music written and recorded by Will Fargason.



all rights reserved


The Gentleman Caller Auburn, Alabama

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Track Name: Sign the Seal
I’m only five pages in,
But I like where this story’s heading.
I can’t see the end,
But I like the beginning.
Running my feeble fingers
All through your tousled hair,
I let my hand stall and linger,
Caught your eyes and I left it there.

I’m falling fast—I know, I know.
Love unfolding like prose—
A narrative I write in new symbols
That I read backwards until…

I pull you close against the cold,
Wrap you tight in arms locked,
Hold your face and kiss your nose,
Pull the hands right off the clock.
You splash the puddle of water.
It turns to snow mid-air.
I smile at your laughter.
You trip; I catch you; but you’re…

Falling fast—you know, you know.
Love unfolding like prose—
A narrative you write in new symbols
That you read backwards until…

We’re falling fast—we know, we know.
Love unfolding like prose—
A narrative we write in new symbols.
We feel we’ve just begun.
Track Name: Where You Begin
We stayed up all night
Talking until sunrise.
You fell asleep
Holding onto me.

You looked beautiful to me.

Your body next to me,
I can feel your heartbeat.
Your skin next to my skin,
I can’t tell where I end and where you begin.

You are beautiful to me.
Track Name: Favorite Cup
You are my favorite cup;
I can never drink enough.
I wrote myself into a rut
(A little, little, little cut).

I thought you were beautiful,
So I sang you a mouthful
Of words that are hopeful.
I eat but am never full

Of you…

This new territory
Is ours mostly.
Keeping quiet only
(Most sacred form of holy).

The soil outside is sand
Poured from God’s hand.
I spoke but didn't understand
(Foreign in my homeland)

With you…

Water dripped from the trees,
Put me on my knees.
Let me breathe in your breeze
(Pretty, pretty, pretty please).

Your pull is kind and just.
Leaving is too tough.
But the road is never too rough.
I can never get enough

Of you…
Track Name: The Stream
The way the light hits your eyes,
My image flipped inside.
I chopped the wood. I stoked the fire.
I kissed your lips and tasted your desire.

Your delicate soft brown hair
Falls slowly everywhere.
I made the list. I wrote you down twice.
I touched your neck with the melting ice.

I cut my chest wide open,
Showed you all my stained sins.
And for some reason, I can’t quite say,
You didn’t run away.

I tightened the rope on the sails,
Caught raindrops with pails.
Just another worried night,
But your voice tells me it’ll be alright.

I paved the path to our safe shelter.
We can both sleep there.
We can build it over time,
And write poems with perfect rhyme.

I found the mark on the map.
A sacred secret—it makes you laugh.
Feeding the fire slowly,
The embers dance all over me.

The way your eyes search my face,
As if for the first time.
I filled the vase with water from the stream
To keep the flowers alive for all eternity.